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State Fair 2013 | Personal | Doswell, VA

Fall seems to have made it’s sudden brisk arrival the past couple of days. I find myself reminiscing about the much warmer days of this year’s State Fair that have somehow already come and gone.

I absolutely love that the State Fair falls at the beginning of Autumn. The weather is still warm, but you’re inundated with the smells of kettle corn and hot apple cider. Leaves are beginning to fall and tumble through the streets, collecting in small piles. And it also doesn’t hurt that the fair always falls over my birthday.:)

Time and schedule permitting I insist upon season tickets. For the past 5 years the fair has only been about 15 minutes from our house, so of course it would be such a waste not to go multiple times.

We didn’t go as often as I would have liked this year (which is basically every day), but here’s a visual recap of some of our adventures.:)

The daytime pictures through the snowcone are all taken by Eric with our newest lens, the 16-35mm. It’s fabulous!


HOTTEST day at the fair ever!! It was about 90 degrees, and it felt hotter on the pavement! I know I look a little miserable and overheated here but I am SERIOUSLY enjoying this pineapple snowcone!!


What’s more fun than a long exposure of the ferris wheel?? I took a bunch, but these are my favorites!


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