Lauren and Tony | Wedding | Richmond, VA

I don’t use the word “perfect” lightly when it comes to weddings. I truly believe “perfect”View full post »

Eric Says | Back-up Systems

Today I’d like to talk about how we back-up the photos we take.  I know that sounds boring, but keeping thoseView full post »

Lisa and Chris | Wedding | Olde Silk Mill

Lisa and Chris are great for a lot of reasons. Yeah they have amazing taste in food and drinks (Chris brewed beer forView full post »

Kimberlee and Pete | Engaged | Fredericksburg

I can’t imagine that it’s a little known fact about me, but I love costumes. I particularly love making myView full post »

Sydney + Mike | Married | Gauntlet Golf Club

This was my first wedding in a looooong time that I shot by myself, but it had the unique advantage that I actually gotView full post »

Happy Birthday to Amanda!

I want to wish my wonderful wife a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Yes, I’m a day early, but we’ll be shooting a greatView full post »

Sarah and Scott | Engaged | Fredericksburg

Truth be told I’ve been impressed with Sarah since we met. Scott proposed just this past June, but Sarah hasView full post »

Marriage Monday | Pets

If you follow me on instagram (and you really should be) then you’re probably familiar with the hashtag #therexdogView full post »

Products | Canvases | Autumn Sale

Well, there is a first time for everything…  and today is my [Eric] first time writing on the blog. Also, I’View full post »

Kate and Dario | Wedding | Belmont Fredericksburg

We got to the Gari Melcher Estate and we knew it would be a great day, not just because everything was right there atView full post »

The Start of Autumn

I’ve always loved Fall, it’s been my favorite thing since the time I learned that there are differentView full post »

Eboney and Mike | Engaged | Washington D.C.

On the drive up to DC for Eboney and Mike’s engagement session at Meridian Park Eric and I were debating about theView full post »