Giving Thanks

In a time of rushing around, whether it be for shopping, or traveling, (or in my case finishing up our busy season), itView full post »

Rachel and Taylor | Engaged | Tappahannock, Va

For today’s engagement session a fair amount of credit has to go to Rachel. She chose the location, outfits, andView full post »

Kimberlee and Pete | Married | Old Silk Mill

Kimberlee and Pete met at a historical reenactment, it’s something they share a passion for, so having a venuesView full post »

Lindy and Daniel | Engaged

I’m actually super excited for today’s blog of Lindy and Daniel’s engagement session. When we wereView full post »

Katie and Bryan | Married | Fredericksburg

I think Katie’s dad put it best when he said that if there was ever a couple well-suited to eachother, it wasView full post »

Happy Anniversary | 8 Years!

Happy Anniversary to my lovely wife. A lot has happened in the past 15 years.  Not only are we different people thanView full post »

Tammy and Gary | Engaged | Fredericksburg

Tammy has actually been following our work for a while, which is such a huge compliment. Now that she and Gary have setView full post »

Kelsey and Josh | Married | Stevenson Ridge

Days like Kelsey and Josh’s wedding remind me how lucky am I to be a wedding photographer! I mean, how many jobsView full post »

BIG Changes on the Horizon!

For a long time we’ve noticed that there was a part of our business that just didn’t make sense. EveryoneView full post »

15 Years

Eric will be the first to tell you that I am NOT good at keeping secrets. I first decided on this post back at the endView full post »

Lauren and Tony | Wedding | Richmond, VA

I don’t use the word “perfect” lightly when it comes to weddings. I truly believe “perfect”View full post »

Eric Says | Back-up Systems

Today I’d like to talk about how we back-up the photos we take.  I know that sounds boring, but keeping thoseView full post »